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Campisi's Point of View Sought on 3-Year Old Accident Case

In the October 11th, 2022 article, "Elderly Couple Struck by Pickup Suing for $3.4 M", local news publication Thorold Today cites the expert opinion of Campisi leader, lawyer, and Osgoode Hall professor Joseph Campisi in a story about a St. Catherines couple who are suing a Thorold city councillor for $3.4 million, alleging he was "careless" and "incompetent" when he hit them with his pick up truck as they crossed a downtown intersection in 2019.

According to the article, the couple claim that the accident 3 years ago inflicted serious injuries that "will always require attendant care and extensive rehabilitation and treatment". In a statement filed by the city councillor in question, he "expressly denies" that he was careless or negligent on the night of the collision, and claims that if any injuries were sustained, they were "temporary", or the result of a "pre-existing condition or trauma", and that damages claimed are "exaggerated, excessive, and remote".

While investigating this story, Thorold Today sought Campisi's opinion to provide context and comment on the case. First of all, Campisi points out that the allegations are just allegations, and that "Nothing is proven until you proceed to a court of law, you have a trial, all the evidence comes out, and the trier of fact <makes> a decision." From these initial allegations, the case moves "through the discovery process and then...narrows and becomes more focused". Ultimately, any damages awarded will depend on "the gravity of the injuries."

Joseph Campisi and the team at Campisi LLP have extensive experience in vehicle accident injuries, and in unsettled injury cases. If you have a question related to your situation or a loved one's, contact us for a free consultation. 

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