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Car Accident Lawyers

The moments after a motor vehicle accident can be confusing and disorienting, no matter if you are a driver or a passenger, a pedestrian or a cyclist. We want to make learning about the insurance system and what is available to help you and your family is as simple as possible.

Brain Injury Lawyers

At Campisi LLP, our team of dedicated personal injury experts know how devastating a brain injury can be. We have experience representing individuals and families who have suffered mild, moderate and severe brain injuries. Whether caused by a motor vehicle accident, fall, physical assault, stroke or aneurysm, the individual can be left with profound impairment that can impact all aspects of life.

We’ll answer any questions about your case, even on evenings and weekends:

About Us

At Campisi LLP, we represent clients the way we would want our families to be represented — with true caring and support. We make ourselves available 24/7, even on evenings and weekends, to answer questions, provide advice and help clients and their families at a difficult time.

Our team has more than 50 years of experience helping clients through the complicated processes involved in personal injury and accident insurance claims. Our founding partner Joseph Campisi teaches insurance law at Canada’s largest law school and we all benefit from his cutting-edge knowledge and understanding.

How We Work

Contact 1
Support 2
Gather 3
Planning 4
Settlement 5
Trial (optional) 6

From the moment you contact Campisi LLP, you and your family are our priority. We will come to you, whether in the hospital, at your home and or at our office and we meet at a time that suits YOU best. We will dedicate time to listen to you about your case and outline how we can help you with your medical and legal needs. Our focus is you and making sure we can help you.

We strive to create close client-firm relationships, enabling us to showcase our high level of commitment and accountability to each client. We make ourselves available 24/7, even on evenings and weekends, to answer questions, provide advice and help our clients and their families at a difficult time.

Immediately we will start working for you. We gather all the necessary information to build a successful case. We will talk to your medical and rehabilitation team to assess the extent of your injuries and the impact on your life. We will investigate fault for the accident and even look to your future to access loss of income and life care planning.

Our experienced team plans out every detail of your case and we will keep you informed throughout the whole process. Careful and detailed planning enables us to anticipate every possible situation that can arise in your case. Our experienced team under the guidance of Joseph Campisi, scrutinizes every detail, every piece of evidence, as well as advance novel legal arguments to tailor the best possible case for you. We want you to be focusing on your recovery so we are here to provide any assistance you need.

Our goal is to ensure you received the fair compensation you deserve as quickly as possible without compromising the amount of the settlement or your recovery. We will look to maximize your settlement by advancing all possible claims including: pain and suffering, past and future loss of income, economic losses incurred by family members as a result of the accident, cost of future medical care, cost of future attendant care, the negative effects of your injuries on your ability to earn money in the job market, the cost of caregiving and housekeeping needs, loss of shared family income, cost of visitors (including the cost of aide or attendant), out of pocket expenses and loss of care guidance and companionship suffered by your immediate family

In some cases and despite our best efforts, an out of court settlement is not possible. We have extensive trial experience and we know you want justice and a fair deal. Let Campisi support you and ease your worries. We won’t stop fighting until you get the settlement or judgement you deserve.

Anna Pastore | Catastrophic Injury

I was injured in a car accident and sustained a fractured ankle, developing debilitating chronic pain. Joseph was very caring about me and how my case affected my family. He worked tirelessly on my case until we won and my case is now well known in the legal community. Throughout this whole ordeal, the only thing I can be thankful for is that Joseph was my lawyer, his care, compassion and experience made all the difference.

Omar C. | Vehicle Accident

I can’t thank Joseph Campisi enough. I was involved in a serious car accident and I suffered serious orthopaedic injuries which prevent me from ever returning to the job that I had at the time of the accident. Joseph and his team were always accessible, even on evenings or weekends. The settlement far exceeded my expectations and it will provide financial security for me and my family.

Bruno | Spinal Cord Injury

I feel fortunate that I was referred to Cesar Carranza. I suffered a spinal cord injury when I fell off a trailer. From the initial meeting when Cesar came to the hospital, he alleviated most of my troubles and I was able to focus on getting better. Cesar and Joseph settled my case quickly, and I felt supported through the whole process, not only by them but also by an awesome medical and rehabilitation team that they assembled.

Nika M | Brain Injury

My father was in a horrible crash and he suffered a severe brain injury as well as serious fractures. Joseph Campisi came highly recommended and he promised us that he would be relentless in representing my father. He kept his promise.


I, and the behalf of my family, especially my daughter, want to say a "BIG THANKS" to you, Mr. Cesar Carranza, the lawyers who were involved in her case and all the Campisi Law team members who put their efforts together to bring the justice for my daughter.

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We take a closer look at the case of Pastore v. Aviva Canada Inc. and how this became a precedent setting case for chronic pain.


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Professor of Insurance Law Joseph Campisi answers the most commonly asked question about personal injury cases.


Campisi Case Study - Ms. K

We could have radio ads running constantly or we could plaster every bus in the city with our name and catchy tagline, but that is not how we work. We prefer to let our expertise speak for itself. See how we helped Ms. K. get a substantial settlement and peace of mind.


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