accident injury claims guide

Accident / Vehicle Accident Injury Guide

The impact of a serious car/vehicle accident can be overwhelming. Processing and coping with an accident is stressful enough without the added confusion about financial compensation and healthcare support. This process involves intense negotiations with insurance companies and navigating through the Ontario healthcare system

That’s where we come in. At Campisi, we want to make sure that you or your loved one receives fair compensation and the necessary care that you or your loved one deserves if they experience an accident outside of the workplace. 

To achieve this, you need an accurate understanding of the types of accident compensation that exist and the requirements that must be met to receive what you are entitled to. The last thing anyone wants to do post-accident, is waste time applying for compensation that you don’t qualify for or miss the deadline to apply for the right compensation. To help you avoid these issues, we’ve created an accident injury guide so that you can take the right next steps, so you can spend more of your time healing.