Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain injuries can be obtained in a large variety of ways.  A TBI diagnosis is complex and will be classified as being mild, moderate, or severe.  It is best documented within 24 hours of the accident.   

If you or a loved one obtains a brain injury through a car accident, slip or fall or other accident, there may be compensation available. Depending on whether the injury was direct or indirect, and how exactly the injury occured, all play a crucial role in what sort of support and compensation you are eligible for.

As implications can be severe, it’s critical after an accident that the proper steps are taken to determine the severity of the brain injury, how long it will last, and what kind of treatment may be necessary both short and long term.

To help you take the right path to managing a brain injury and ensuring you get the right support and compensation, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to (TBI) brain injuries with information on what symptoms you should report to a doctor, what to keep an eye out for (i.e cognitive difficulties, depression etc.) and what kind of treatments to seek for different symptoms.