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Accident Benefits Newsletter - a Concussion Is (Still) Not a Minor Injury

It is generally acknowledged that the Minor Injury Guideline (MIG) does not extend to traumatic brain Injuries (TBIs), regardless of the degree of initial severity. Any brain injury from mild to severe is equally outside the ambit of the MIG. It is also acknowledged that a concussion and...

Ontario Researchers Develop Concussion Blood Test


Concussion: Not a "Minor" Injury!

Concussions (aka: mild Traumatic Brain injuries) are in the news a lot in sports-related injuries- especially hockey and football as high-profile athletes suffer repeated head injuries that can shorten their careers and permanently impact their lives. As a result, more attention and money has been...

How to Prove Concussion in Personal Injury Cases

Concussions are often referred to as invisible injuries because they are hard to detect. Fortunately, over the years there have been some advances in medicine that enable those in the medical field to detect even the tiniest signs of injury in the brain.

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