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New Auto Insurance Rules: Helpful or Harmful?

The Ontario Government is planning new auto insurance rules. These changes are currently in the form of a policy proposal as part of the Ontario Government’s proposed budget, to be followed by actual legislation (law) in the upcoming months and likely enforced by 2026.

Before You Settle Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

It seems obvious, but many injury victims do not fully understand that the compensation you receive from a car accident can be crucial in determining the quality of your future life. Therefore, a proposed settlement should not be accepted lightly. To make prudent and informed decisions about your...

Receiving a Settlement in Ontario Injury Lawsuits

There is a misconception that most car accident lawsuits and other personal injury claims are won or lost at trial. In fact, approximately 5% of cases are tried before a judge or jury – typically, when the defendant refuses to accept liability or disputes the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and...

Essentials of a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

Whether your injury was sustained in a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall, or other incident, when experiencing spinal cord injury, impairment can be significant, and a lifelong struggle. Spinal cord injuries are extremely complex thus often difficult to assess and understand.

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