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Accident Benefits Update: Impaired Driving Charges After Crash

R. v. Canavan, 2019 ONCA 567 (CanLII), the appellant, Michael Canavan tried to overturn his convictions for impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death, operating a motor vehicle with over 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, and two counts of driving while impaired causing bodily harm.

Steps to Follow Immediately After a Car Accident - Keep Them in Your Wallet | Campisi LLP

Car accidents are unexpected and jarring, often leaving the people involved in a state of shock. It can be difficult to keep a level head and know what to do, especially if there have been injuries. Even those of us who work with accident victims regularly have found ourselves shaken,...


Written by Susan Dhaliwal / OTLA Case Summaries / August 11, 2016 Court dismisses long-term disability lawsuit commenced three years after denial due to statute of limitations

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween brings out the kid in everyone.  You have the chance to dress up, binge on candy and see the parade of cute costumes at your front door.  Keeping a few Halloween safety tips in mind, ensures that everyone has a wonderful evening and the tired, candy-filled princesses, superheroes,...

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