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Accident Benefits Update: LAT split on "Reasonable and Necessary" CAT assessments

In V.L. vs. Pafco Insurance Company (2019 CanLII 119760), a recent hearing in writing before the Ontario Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT), the applicant, V.L sought payment from Pafco, her insurer for the costs of her assessments to determine catastrophic impairment (catastrophic). Pafco had approved...

Accident Benefits Update - Unica Loses Cat Fight Over AC and Housing Modifications

Malitskiy v. Unica Insurance Inc. (18-010164/AABS) a Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) decision released January 2, 2020, involved a dispute over entitlement to attendant care benefits and home modifications by the catastrophically impaired (catastrophic) applicant, Sergey Malitskiy.


In F.D. and Allstate Canada, a recent decision of the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) before Adjudicator Daoud, causation was again a central issue in a claim for determination of catastrophic impairment (catastrophic). The claimant, F.D. had been rear-ended on August 6, 2014. She suffered extensive...

Accident Benefits Update: LAT Approves Attendant Care Despite Lawyer’s Return to Work

On March 20, 2020, the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) released its decision in J.W. v. Security National Insurance Company (2020 CanLII 30385). The central question in this decision concerned a catastrophically injured (catastrophic) applicant’s entitlement to Attendant Care (AC) benefits, and the...

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