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Steps to Follow Immediately After a Car Accident - Keep Them in Your Wallet

Car accidents are unexpected and jarring, often leaving the people involved in a state of shock. It can be difficult to keep a level head and know what to do, especially if there have been injuries. Even those of us who work with accident victims regularly have found ourselves shaken,...

Badesha v. Haider, 2017 ONSC 1745

This refusals motion concerned a plaintiff’s request for the statutory third party’s file contents, including the defendant’s first statement to his liability insurer and all correspondence between the defendant and his liability insurer.  TD, the statutory third party (when the motion was heard),...


In Applicant v. Aviva Insurance Canada (2018 CanLII 110921), a recent Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) decision, the applicant was struck by another car while making a left hand turn on June 30, 2016.  Within two days of the accident, he reported back and left leg pain and began receiving...

2021 Threshold and Deductible Amounts Released

Recently, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) published its 2021 Automobile Insurance Indexation Amounts Guidance. This Guidance, effective January 1, 2021, establishes the amounts related to insurance claims that are subject to indexation for 2021. Indexation is tied...

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