Personal Injury Law

If you or a loved one have been injured, you need a top personal injury lawyer that not only knows the complex legal system, but also offers client-focused representation to meet the specific needs of each and every client. We specialize in the following areas of personal injury law:

Car Accident Lawyers

The moments after a motor vehicle accident can be confusing and disorienting, no matter if you are a driver or a passenger, a pedestrian or a cyclist. We want to make learning about the insurance system and what is available to help you and your family is as simple as possible.

Brain Injury Lawyers

At Campisi LLP, our team of dedicated personal injury experts know how devastating a brain injury can be. We have experience representing individuals and families who have suffered mild, moderate and severe brain injuries. Whether caused by a motor vehicle accident, fall, physical assault, stroke or aneurysm, the individual can be left with profound impairment that can impact all aspects of life.

There are also numerous disabling conditions that may qualify you for disability benefits. Call us to see what you may be entitled to.

We’ll answer any questions about your case, even on evenings and weekends: