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Road Trip Safety in the Days of COVID-19

Let us begin this post with the sincere hope that you and your family are staying well during this unusual time.

While your best laid plans for Summer 2020 may have gone awry, the warmer weather and Ontario’s gradual re-opening plan still might have you itching for a change of scenery. Knowing that, we’ve put together some suggestions for how to prepare for a short and safe road-trip. Unlike last summer, forgetting an essential or having a breakdown along the way may not be so easily remedied. It’s best to be prepared before you head out.

(1) Plan Ahead- Know that different regions of the province may be at different stages of re-opening. Do some research on your destination so you know what to expect (and where you can stop if needed) with respect to restrooms, restaurants, protocols, and any messages to would-be tourists. And if you’re considering road-tripping outside the province, be sure to check on border closures and province-to-province restrictions.

(2) The New Basics - Don’t forget to pack sufficient quantities of those now familiar health and hygiene items, including hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, and gloves. You’ll want them when you fill-up with gas, stop at a rest room, and visit a store. Remember to continue practicing physical distancing and limiting social interactions.

(3) The Old Basics - Food, Water, a Cooler, and...a Map? Don’t count on stores and restaurants being open when you need them. Several businesses have had to change their operating hours, as well as what products and services they’re able to provide. Bring your own supplies to be certain you have what’s required. As well, don’t count on having a cell signal (or a full battery) when you need it, and that includes when you need GPS. Bring along a paper road map or atlas.

(4) Drive Safely - Even though our roadways have been quieter, there has been higher incidence of speeding motorists. The Ministry of Transportation offers this review of safe driving practices, including seatbelt usage, blind spot awareness, speed limit adherence, and yielding the right of way.

Now...where to explore? For great escapes that are still close to home, check out the Ontario Travel website for a wealth of ideas (both real and virtual). Explore safely!

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