Vehicle Accidents Injury Lawyer

Vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence on Ontario’s roads. Sadly, impaired driving is often a factor. MADD Canada reports that up to 4 Canadians are killed every day and many more are injured in alcohol and/or drug related accidents. No matter whether your accident was caused by an impaired, reckless or distracted driver, or for other reasons, vehicle accidents can be devastating. They could result in complex and catastrophic injuries and cause emotional and financial damage to you and your family.

The moments after a motor vehicle accident can be confusing and disorienting, no matter if you are a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or a cyclist. Since every accident is unique, it is critical that you consult a highly skilled personal injury lawyer to compile evidence, engage subject matter experts and build the strongest possible case to secure the funds you need to recover.

At Campisi LLP, we are available 7 days a week to make navigating the insurance system and understanding your options as simple as possible. Our expert vehicle accident lawyers know the law and how to fight for your rights in Ontario’s complex insurance and medical systems. We have decades of experience practicing personal injury law and winning law-changing cases for our clients. Every single case we touch is reviewed by the Campisi legal team, headed by our managing partner who is a certified Civil Litigation Specialist and Osgoode Hall insurance law professor. Our knowledge and experience can help you and your loved ones achieve exceptional outcomes. Put our experts to work for you and pay nothing until your case is won or settled.


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