Meet Our Team

Our lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and support staff have all been selected based on their expertise and dedication. From winning precedent-setting cases to practicing personal injury law for almost half a century, all have extensive knowledge of the insurance and legal system and are ready to put that experience to use to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer - Joseph Campisi
Personal Injury Lawyer

Joseph believes that when you understand the law, you can better apply it to serve your clients.

Personal Injury Lawyer - Peter Murray
Personal Injury Lawyer and Privacy Officer

Peter believes that there are three essential elements required to provide excellent representation to clients.

Personal Injury Lawyer - Sylvia Guirguis
Personal Injury Lawyer

Sylvia understands the barriers that may prevent access to justice for vulnerable clients.

Personal Injury Lawyer - Michael Ettedgui
Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael takes pride in handling claims with a view to securing the compensation his clients require.

Client Care Manager - Cesar Carranza
Client Care Manager

Cesar’s high energy level is only matched by the level of caring and compassion he has for his clients.

We'll answer any questions about your case, even on evenings and weekends.