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Our firm has expertise in litigation at all levels of Ontario Courts. We have won at the Ontario Court of Appeal and we are responsible for creating legal precedents in Ontario. Every case is reviewed by the Campisi legal team, headed by our managing partner, Joseph Campisi – a certified Civil Litigation Specialist and Osgoode Hall Insurance Law professor.

We understand how corporations work. We know their workings can cause complaints that are too small to pursue individually but may be large enough when grouped together to pursue on a class action basis. Trust us to handle your case – and you don’t pay until it is won or settled

Class Action Lawyers

Common Types of Class Actions We Handle:

Product liability claims – claiming compensation as a result of defective products, false advertising or manipulative marketing practices.

Consumer protection – ensuring large corporations are held accountable for their actions and consumers are protected.

If the 5 points below apply to you, you may have a claim.

Generally, in order to pursue a class action claim, it is necessary to show that:

  1. There is a cause of action – there must be a legal wrong committed, not just a moral wrong;
  2. There is an identifiable class – it must be possible to determine who has been affected by the wrong actions;
  3. The people in the class have common issues – the issues experienced must be common and must be a significant component of the claim;
  4. A class proceeding is the preferable means of resolving the issue – if only a few people are involved, there may be other less intensive means to get the necessary results;
  5. There is someone to represent the class as representative plaintiff – there must be someone willing to guide the action.

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