Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween brings out the kid in everyone.  You have the chance to dress up, binge on candy and see the parade of cute costumes at your front door.  Keeping a few Halloween safety tips in mind, ensures that everyone has a wonderful evening and the tired, candy-filled princesses, superheroes, ghouls and ghosts get tuck away in bed safely after a successful night.

Costume Tips

  • Avoid costumes that are too long or may cause a tripping hazard
  • Ensure that the mask or any other part of the costume that covers the face does not interfere with vision
  • Ensure wigs, capes or other loose-hanging parts of costumes do not come in contact with open flames from pumpkins or candles
  • Add reflective tape to the costume or have your child wear a glow stick necklace so they are visible in the dark.  Both can be purchased at a dollar store

Trick or Treating

  • Trick or treat in a familiar, well lit area
  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult
  • Encourage children to trick or treat in a group
  • Make sure kids are always paying attention to traffic when crossing the street.  It is easy for them to get caught up in the excitement
  • For older children, ensure parents are made aware of their route
  • Remind children to never enter a house under any circumstance
  • Stop only at houses that have their lights on or a pumpkin lit up

Candy Inspection

  • After trick or treating, parents should inspect all candy.  Look for open wrappers, wrappers that look like they have been resealed or have holes in them.
  • Anything homemade should be thrown in the garbage.

Have a very Happy and Safe Halloween!