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I’ve Been in a Fender Bender. What Now?

You're navigating the bustling morning rush on your way to work when suddenly, a lane-changing driver clips your vehicle, neglecting to check their blind spot. What is your next move?  

Should you confront the other driver? Stay put with your hazard lights on? Or perhaps, rush to share the ordeal on social media? If you find yourself grappling with the right course of action, you're not alone. 

Even minor accidents can trigger a flood of confusion, particularly on busy highways or bustling streets.

Fear not, as we've crafted a definitive guide to steer you through the aftermath should you ever find yourself in this predicament:

Steps to Take Directly Following Your Fender Bender

  1. STOP: Fleeing the scene could lead to legal repercussions, so halt your vehicle immediately.

  2. CLEAR THE ACCIDENT SCENE: If feasible, move your vehicle to the side of the road; otherwise, enlist the help of a tow truck.

  3. ASSESS: Dial 911 if injuries are involved, the driver is impaired, or damages exceed $1000. *If no one is injured and the damage is less than $1000, call the local police. 
  1. RECORD: Capture the scene with photos and gather statements to establish fault.  

    a. Obtain contact information and details pertaining to the vehicles, drivers, witnesses & injuries. Click here to download Campisi’s comprehensive collision reporting form.

          b. Bring the information to the Collision Reporting Centre within 48 hours of your accident if the police                did not attend the accident site.

    7. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION: Contact your family doctor within 24 hours of your accident if you are                 injured.  Be sure to tell your doctor about all of your injuries and complaints associated with the accident,             even if they seem minor at the time.

    8. CONSULT LEGAL ADVICE: Before interacting with insurance companies, seek counsel from a personal           injury law firm to explore your options thoroughly.

    1. Call your insurance company and tell them you were in an accident.
    2. Do not speak to any other insurance company other than your own. 

 Should you find yourself grappling with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, Campisi may be able to help.  Sometimes what seems like a fender bender can have serious repercussions years later. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to navigate your case with confidence.


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Gurpreet Farmaha
About Gurpreet Farmaha
Gurpreet is a personal injury lawyer and valuable member of the Campisi team, with her well rounded legal expertise and dedicated approach to her work. Following her call to the Bar in 2018, Gurpreet began her legal career as an insurance defense lawyer, assisting major insurance companies defend against personal injury claims. During this time, Gurpreet observed firsthand, the challenges faced by injured individuals and their families navigating through Ontario's complex litigation system. She began identifying significant access-to-justice issues affecting accident victims who were rightfully entitled to compensation but were being denied by insurance companies.

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