A rough night for pedestrian accidents in Toronto

Last night in Toronto, there were five separate accidents involving pedestrians in the span of two hours.

One day earlier the Toronto Police launched The Step up and Be Safe campaign which runs from November 3-9. The campaign focuses on pedestrian safety and officers will be on the lookout for drivers, as well as cyclists and pedestrians who commit offences near pedestrian crossing areas, intersections and school zones.

Statistics indicate November typically sees the highest incidence of pedestrian accidents. Daylight savings means it is darker earlier and the weather gets a little more precarious.  Rain and snow make it even more challenging for all on the roads.

Everyone needs to do their part.

Drivers need to take extra caution around intersections and it is more important than ever for them to put down their phones, even when stopped at a traffic light. Take extra caution when turning and slow down.

Pedestrian also need to be extra vigilant. Cross only at lights. Check twice before cross to ensure your path is clear and do not talk or text and walk. Pedestrians can also be responsible for accidents due to distraction.

Stay safe on the roads.