Osteoarthritis Disability Claim Lawyers

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting one in ten Canadian adults. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints, occurring most frequently in aging adults. The disease is caused by the wearing of cartilage around the bones. Without cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber and helps joints move smoothly, one will experience pain, stiffness, and swelling in the affected joint.

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The pain is caused by bones rubbing against each other without the protection of cartilage. Osteoarthritis progresses slowly – it begins with a feeling of soreness, swelling, and stiffness, especially after high-impact activities, can warn of the disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for osteoarthritis. The disease can be managed with medication, joint therapy, exercises, and surgery. Managing your weight is a major factor in fighting osteoarthritis. Carrying around extra weight can put a great deal of stress on your joints. Surgeries include hip and knee replacements. People with OA can still lead happy, high-functioning lives, as long as the disease is properly managed.

There are two types of osteoarthritis: primary and secondary

Primary osteoarthritis occurs when there is no obvious cause for osteoarthritis.

Secondary osteoarthritis occurs when there is. Secondary osteoarthritis is common in professional athletes, wear and tear on the joints being a major cause of the disease.

Other causes of osteoarthritis include:

The pain associated with osteoarthritis can make working difficult. Many Canadians with the disease report taking time off work because the pain was too much to handle. According to Disability Tax Service, osteoarthritis will cost hundreds of dollars annually in extra healthcare expenses.

People suffering with OA can receive a Disability Tax Credit from the Government of Canada, receiving anywhere from $1,600-$35, 000 depending on the severity of the disease.

Those living with long-term disabilities, osteoarthritis or otherwise, can also file claims through their insurance company in order to receive payments to help them and their families when their health hinders their ability to work. However, insurers are not always cooperative.

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I can’t thank Joseph Campisi enough. I was involved in a serious car accident and I suffered serious orthopaedic injuries which prevent me from ever returning to the job that I had at the time of the accident. Joseph and his team were always accessible, even on evenings or weekends. The settlement far exceeded my expectations and it will provide financial security for me and my family.

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I feel fortunate that I was referred to Cesar Carranza. I suffered a spinal cord injury when I fell off a trailer. From the initial meeting when Cesar came to the hospital, he alleviated most of my troubles and I was able to focus on getting better. Cesar and Joseph settled my case quickly, and I felt supported through the whole process, not only by them but also by an awesome medical and rehabilitation team that they assembled.

Nika M | Brain Injury

My father was in a horrible crash and he suffered a severe brain injury as well as serious fractures. Joseph Campisi came highly recommended and he promised us that he would be relentless in representing my father. He kept his promise.


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