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Migraines are one of the most common debilitating illnesses and yet one of the least well understood by those who suffer from them. Approximately 2.7 million Canadians and over 30 million Americans are affected by migraine headaches, with 60-70% of them going unreported. Migraines are more than just bad headaches and can prevent those who experience them from living a normal life.

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The causes of migraines are not completely understood but they are now believed to be caused by abnormalities among cells in the brain stem. When a migraine is triggered, blood vessels will dilate leading to the excruciating pain associated with migraines. While there are genes associated with migraines, that’s not a guarantee an individual with those genes will experience a migraine. Environmental factors are needed to trigger a migraine. Stress, sleep disturbance, and hormonal changes can be factors that help lead to migraines. Women are more prone to migraines during their menstrual period and pregnancy can have an unpredictable effect on migraines making them better, worse, or having no effect at all.

Migraines can last from as little as four hours to as much as three days. Numerous different symptoms are associated with migraines, however there are two types of classifications: with aura and without. An “aura” is a neurological disturbance that often involves vision problems such as blurriness, blind spots, flashing lights, or zig zag patterns appearing. Auras will proceed migraines usually by about an hour and can last anywhere from 5-60 minutes. Only 10-15% of migraine sufferers experience an aura associated with their migraines.

Besides a throbbing headache, often isolated to just one side of the head, the attack itself can include a hypersensitivity to light, sounds, or smells that may make the pain worse. Migraines can induce nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. One may have difficulty speaking and even in rare occasions experience paralysis or a loss of consciousness. Eye pain, stiffness, stuffy nose, watery eyes, frequent urination, and pain in the neck and shoulders can all be associated with a migraine. Migraines can also involve mood swings. Sufferers sometimes experience waves of depression, irritability, or even excitement. It goes without saying that those with migraines often have serious difficulties sleeping.

As serious as migraines are, many employers and insurance companies do not recognize them as a legitimate debilitating illness despite the fact that seven million working days are reported lost to the Canadian workforce due to migraines and the actual number is likely double that. If you are experiencing difficulties with your workplace or an insurance agency over your long term disability claims associated with migraines, Campisi Law may be able to help. Call us today at 1-855-525-5502 or go online and fill out our “quick contact form”, and we’ll review your case free of charge.

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Anna Pastore | Catastrophic Injury

I was injured in a car accident and sustained a fractured ankle, developing debilitating chronic pain. Joseph was very caring about me and how my case affected my family. He worked tirelessly on my case until we won and my case is now well known in the legal community. Throughout this whole ordeal, the only thing I can be thankful for is that Joseph was my lawyer, his care, compassion and experience made all the difference.

Omar C. | Vehicle Accident

I can’t thank Joseph Campisi enough. I was involved in a serious car accident and I suffered serious orthopaedic injuries which prevent me from ever returning to the job that I had at the time of the accident. Joseph and his team were always accessible, even on evenings or weekends. The settlement far exceeded my expectations and it will provide financial security for me and my family.

Bruno | Spinal Cord Injury

I feel fortunate that I was referred to Cesar Carranza. I suffered a spinal cord injury when I fell off a trailer. From the initial meeting when Cesar came to the hospital, he alleviated most of my troubles and I was able to focus on getting better. Cesar and Joseph settled my case quickly, and I felt supported through the whole process, not only by them but also by an awesome medical and rehabilitation team that they assembled.

Nika M | Brain Injury

My father was in a horrible crash and he suffered a severe brain injury as well as serious fractures. Joseph Campisi came highly recommended and he promised us that he would be relentless in representing my father. He kept his promise.


I, and the behalf of my family, especially my daughter, want to say a "BIG THANKS" to you, Mr. Cesar Carranza, the lawyers who were involved in her case and all the Campisi Law team members who put their efforts together to bring the justice for my daughter.