Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the tendons in the carpal tunnel, a small ligament and bone tunnel leading from the forearm to the palm, become swollen. These swollen tendons put pressure on the median nerve. This leads to neuropathic pain, decreased sensitivity and coordination in the hand, and decreased grip strength.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is most often caused by repetitive motions and poor working conditions. Common causes include:

If left untreated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can become very debilitating, affecting your everyday life and your ability to do your job.

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The most basic treatment is a two-week break for your wrists. This means two weeks without typing, using the mouse, or any other repetitive motions. Immobilizing the wrist in a splint is also a good idea.

However, two weeks may not be enough. You may need more time, or more advanced treatments.

Some patients respond well to corticosteroids, especially if they are injected directly into the wrist. These are best if administered regularly by a qualified health professional. But like many medications, regular injections can, unfortunately, become expensive.

If carpal tunnel syndrome does not improve with rest and drugs, then surgery may be necessary. This surgery involves opening up the carpal tunnel to relieve pressure on the median nerve. It is quite effective; recurrence of the syndrome is very rare after surgery. Most people are able to return to work a few weeks post-op, make a full recovery within six months, and live completely normal lives.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may require:

A personal injury lawyer can help you fill all these requirements.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel injury claims are more complex than many other injury claims. To prove liability, a lawyer will have to carefully examine workplace policies and training. This does not mean that carpal tunnel cases are less likely to result in a win, it simply means that finding an experienced law firm is essential in having a successful outcome.

A good law firm should have experience dealing specifically with carpal tunnel syndrome. They will know what kinds of evidence to examine, medical reports to obtain, and claims to make.

Campisi law meets and exceeds these requirements. Our legal team includes lawyers who specialize in carpal tunnel syndrome claims. We can recommend appropriate medical professionals to assess your condition and its likely costs. Book a consultation and see what a high-quality personal injury law team can do for you.

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