Bulging Disc Injury Settlement Lawyers

A bulging disc is a debilitating spinal injury. Symptoms of a bulging disc injury include increased back pain when sitting or bending forward, numbness, and altered bladder and bowel functions.  More specifically, a bulging disk occurs when the cartilage disks between vertebrae in the spine become compromised. A damaged disc cannot hold in spinal fluid, allowing nerves to drift into the space between bones.

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The body processes the pinching of the damaged area as excruciating pain. Over time, nerve damage and neuropathic pain can also develop, especially in the legs.  If a bulging disc is further agitated, it may herniate, releasing loops of nerves into body cavities. This causes severe nerve damage and sciatica.

Although bulging discs can have genetic origins, they are most often caused by two types of injuries: accumulated microtrauma and sudden unexpected loads.

Accumulated Microtrauma

Accumulated microtrauma occurs due to poor posture or back support over a long period of time.  To decrease your risk of long-term damage, maintain good posture or use supportive devices to help your maintain your posture. Take frequent breaks, walk, stand, or shift position.

Make sure that if you sit for a long period of time, your chair has  good lumbar support.

Sudden Unexpected Load

Lifting a large load using one’s back, or when not in a proper lifting position, causes a torsion force that damages the spinal discs. Torsion forces can also be caused in car crashes, falls, or other accidents.

Dealing with Bulging Discs

Bulging discs need to be treated before they become cracked and herniated. By taking time off to deal with bulging discs immediately, a patient can save tens of thousands of dollars in later surgical bills. The treatment for bulging discs is simple: avoid any disc-stressing postures for at least six weeks, thus allowing the disc to build up scar tissue that will resist bulging in the future. You may also engage in light physiotherapy.

You need time off. You need money to support yourself and pay your physiotherapy bills. If you do not recover, you may need longer-term compensation and support. Personal injury lawyers can help you in all these areas so you can get your life back without hassle.

How Personal Injury Lawyers can Help

Personal injury lawyers should always be consulted with any traumatic injury. They can:

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Anna Pastore | Catastrophic Injury

I was injured in a car accident and sustained a fractured ankle, developing debilitating chronic pain. Joseph was very caring about me and how my case affected my family. He worked tirelessly on my case until we won and my case is now well known in the legal community. Throughout this whole ordeal, the only thing I can be thankful for is that Joseph was my lawyer, his care, compassion and experience made all the difference.

Omar C. | Vehicle Accident

I can’t thank Joseph Campisi enough. I was involved in a serious car accident and I suffered serious orthopaedic injuries which prevent me from ever returning to the job that I had at the time of the accident. Joseph and his team were always accessible, even on evenings or weekends. The settlement far exceeded my expectations and it will provide financial security for me and my family.

Bruno | Spinal Cord Injury

I feel fortunate that I was referred to Cesar Carranza. I suffered a spinal cord injury when I fell off a trailer. From the initial meeting when Cesar came to the hospital, he alleviated most of my troubles and I was able to focus on getting better. Cesar and Joseph settled my case quickly, and I felt supported through the whole process, not only by them but also by an awesome medical and rehabilitation team that they assembled.

Nika M | Brain Injury

My father was in a horrible crash and he suffered a severe brain injury as well as serious fractures. Joseph Campisi came highly recommended and he promised us that he would be relentless in representing my father. He kept his promise.


I, and the behalf of my family, especially my daughter, want to say a "BIG THANKS" to you, Mr. Cesar Carranza, the lawyers who were involved in her case and all the Campisi Law team members who put their efforts together to bring the justice for my daughter.