Personal Injury Lawyer and Privacy Officer

Peter Murray


Bachelor of Science, Queen’s University (1991)


Master of Business Administration, Schulich School of Business (2002)


Juris Doctor, Osgoode Hall Law School (2014)

Peter believes that there are three essential elements required to provide excellent representation to clients. These elements include; 1) understanding the underlying facts of the case, 2) understanding the financial drivers, and 3) being able to apply the law to optimize your outcome.

Peter has appeared before several courts and tribunals including: The Licence Appeal Tribunal, The Superior Court of Justice and The Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Peter has more than two decades of scientific experience in various areas, such as research, development and production, and in various fields such as medical diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Peter can bring this expertise to bear to create a coherent, and compelling, fact-based account of your accident and of your ongoing injuries.


Peter has worked at multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation and has undertaken several significant financial positions that have focused on valuing current and future products and events. Peter can use this knowledge to assess all heads of damage and determine what information should be used to maximize the value of your case.

Based on understanding; how the available data can create a compelling story, and what elements maximize financial value, Peter is able to weave an ongoing narrative, which portrays your story in a positive light while integrating the laws of Ontario.

Peter is married. He has two wonderful teenage kids, and one mischievous border collie. In his spare time, you can find Peter leading a scout troop on various adventures, or you can find him outside mountain biking with his wife on various trails.


  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association

Achievements or Awards

  • Russell Nelles Starr, Q.C. Memorial Award- high academic standing in civil procedure (2013)
  • Sanofi Summit Award- Executive Excellence
  • Sanofi Summit Award- Innovative Thinking


Peter has been a speaker at several conferences on numerous topics including most recently presenting at the Canadian Institute on the topics of; 1) Optimizing drug reimbursement and 2) How to effectively utilize decision trees to optimize revenue.

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