Steps to follow immediately after a car accident

Steps to Follow Immediately After a Car Accident – Keep Them in Your Wallet

Car accidents are unexpected and jarring, often leaving the people involved in a state of shock. It can be difficult to keep a level head and know what to do, especially if there have been injuries. Even those of us who work with accident victims regularly have found ourselves shaken, overwhelmed, and forgetful when we have been victims ourselves.

With that in mind, the team at Campisi has created this “What To Do If You’re In An Accident” reference sheet, which can be folded down to wallet-size. Print and store it in your wallet or glove compartment, and/or save a digital copy to your phone so if you are ever in an accident situation, you have a tool to help ground you and guide you through what to do next.

To begin with, did you know that while contacting your insurance company is an important part of managing through the aftermath, there are a few actions we recommend taking before you make that phone call? Most importantly, always STOP if you have been involved in an accident, assess the situation and call 911 if needed. Address any health emergencies.

Be sure to make a record of the accident details before clearing the scene, such as taking photos before moving the vehicle and documenting what happened. This often overlooked step can make a big difference in any settlement process or fault determination dispute. Then before leaving the scene, don’t forget to collect information from all parties involved. And remember to contact your own doctor even if your injury seems minor.

We recommend that you not speak to any insurance company other than your own. And before calling your insurance company, we recommend seeking legal advice to ensure you have a calm and clear perspective on your situation and expert advice on options that are available to you. This initial advice is available from Campisi at no charge.

We sincerely hope that this document is something you’ll never need. But in the unfortunate event of a car accident, we hope that this step-by-step guide helps you navigate a difficult situation and sets you up for the best outcome possible. Drive safely and stay well.

Click here to download the guide.