We are a firm filled with animal lovers who actively look out for their protection and safety.

This morning, the property manger for our building, George came in and asked for my help.  He found an injured cat in one of the garbage bins and asked me to try and coax it out.  Unfortunately, he was too deep into the bin and we were unable to reach him.

He was stationary and appeared to be in trouble.  We knew we had to act fast in trying to rescue this injured cat.  I asked for Lori’s (one of our senior law clerks) assistance in how we can best help him.  Lori volunteered her lunch (Thanksgiving turkey) and broke it up into pieces and placed it in proximity of the cat.  Next we cut up some apples, and tossed it towards the cat.  We got a container and filled it with water to see if we could get him to drink some.  He seemed to enjoy Lori’s mother in law’s turkey much more than he enjoyed the apple, something I can totally relate to!

Once we realized we weren’t getting him out without some expert assistance, we started calling around to see who could come and rescue this injured cat.  The wonderful people of the City of Vaughan’s Animal Services sent over Officer Dawn.  The cat  didn’t want to leave his cozy spot which concerned us, but Officer Dawn used a variety of technique to finally get him out of the garbage bin and into a cage where she could examine him.  She noticed that he was severely dehydrated and was injured.  She said she would be taking him back to the shelter where he would be thoroughly examined.  But before she left us, she asked us one important questions, could she name the cat Campisi?  We both said that we would be honoured by that.

Campisi the Cat has joined Belmont the Dog as animals that we have been proud to help rescue.

UPDATE:  Officer Dawn has informed us that Campisi the Cat had been microchipped and is in the process of being reunited with his owners.  They live in the other end of the city and he has been missing since the beginning of the summer.  This was indeed a late Thanksgiving Miracle.