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At Campisi LLP, we build winning cases while taking care of our most important priority, our clients. We have devoted decades to helping our clients rebuild their lives by practicing personal injury and accident benefits law the right way. We truly are dedicated to achieving the best outcome on every case, on your case.  As a result, we are proud to report our client satisfaction rating is an amazing 97%!

Exceptional Experience

Campisi LLP is managed by a professor of Insurance Law at Osgoode Hall, Canada’s largest law school. The only personal injury lawyer in Toronto with a Ph.D. in Insurance Law, he is a certified Civil Litigation Specialist and a co-author of the industry-leading Butterworth’s Ontario Motor Vehicle Insurance Practice Manual.

Exceptional Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, medical and rehabilitative science and the legal system. Every injury victim’s case is reviewed by the Campisi legal team, headed by our managing partner, Joseph Campisi.

Exceptional Dedication

We make ourselves available 7 days a week to answer questions, provide legal advice and help clients and their families through difficult times. We are proud to offer our services in 16 languages to ensure the highest level of communication and support.   We are selective when taking on new clients so that you receive the attention you deserve, and the time to win your case.

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At Campisi LLP, we are here to ensure that those who have wronged you are held accountable. We fight to achieve your best possible results, so you can focus on your recovery. See our results and success stories.


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